The Library

Patyegarang Place will be a new library that will create an engaging and welcoming space for the entire Marrickville community. But what if this community could experience this space years before it is actually built? We’ve created a virtual reality experience that does just this.


The VR Experience

You can discover all that this engaging space has to offer, as you explore the library together with other people in this social and collaborative experience. Your journey begins with a guided tour through this nature inspired community space, immersing yourself in the warm and inviting courtyard surrounded by Australian timbers and native trees. You will learn how the library design creates a connection to the outdoor space and enhances the relationship to the heritage hospital. And of course, no journey through a library will be complete without actually getting to read a book!

But the real fun begins when you collect your membership card, allowing you to explore the library with your fellow community members. Just watch out for advanced explorers who have discovered the “throwable” deck chairs before you.


The Process

While the main focus of our development is on creating VR experiences, using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) as our real-time engine allows us to easily produce other deliverables that many projects require. We can capture high res still images (below) and create animated movies directly from the real-time environment. The visual richness of these outputs are comparable with traditional off-line render methods but they are much faster to produce, they give us way more flexibility in the storytelling process, and we can easily deliver more of them. For us, this new process has revolutionised the way that we visualise unbuilt design and has helped our designers and clients to create a better real world product.



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