The Schools

These new schools will be a showcase for what educational facilities will look like in the future. Why make the students wait until the doors are finally open to experience the excitement that awaits them? We’ve created an immersive, virtual reality journey through their future school so that they don’t have to. The students are taken on an educational adventure where they get to explore this innovative place.


The VR Experience

The students are immersed in learning right from the beginning, as they get to uncover historical facts about this heritage site in the amphitheatre. From here, they can explore and understand their building’s design values, and interact with and customise their flexible spaces. They get to test out the buzzing makerspace, engage hands on with an unfinished project, and experience the hustle and bustle of their commercial kitchen. They can even check out what the younger kids have been making over in the public school.

While the idea of greeting excited new students on the first day of term might seem far fetched right now, that’s what just might happen after they have virtually experienced these groundbreaking new schools for themselves.


The Process

While the main focus of our development is on creating VR experiences, using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) as our real-time engine allows us to easily produce other deliverables that many projects require. We can capture high res still images and create animated movies directly from the real-time environment. The visual richness of these outputs are comparable with traditional off-line render methods but they are much faster to produce, they give us way more flexibility in the storytelling process, and we can easily deliver more of them. For us, this new process has revolutionised the way that we visualise unbuilt design and has helped our designers and clients to create a better real world product.



Latest Projects